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Large Quantities (Tonnes) of Gold for Sale….As you are aware, there are hundreds of these types of offers floating around the internet offering even 2,000 Metric Tonnes (MT) of gold for sale, when this type of quantity is close to the entire world’s production for one year, as per the below chart:

However, there are also hundreds of offers of up to 10MT that there may be a remote chance that it is a legitimate offer, and even though we have the sources to purchase it, we cannot even consider them without first making absolutely sure that:

Metals Production & Gold Holdings by Country

a) We have on file a detailed FCO (Full Corporate Offer) on the Owner’s (no Intermediaries or Mandates) letterhead

b) The metal exists (SKR – Safe Keeping Receipt and/or PoP – Proof of Product) and is available for sale. So, in order to confirm this, we need to receive an authenticated swift MT799 from the owner’s bank confirming that the bank or security company (like Brinks or G4S) are holding in their storage under the Owner’s name with full and clear title the XX MT of the metal. The swift should be sent only from the Owner’s bank to our bank


c) We also need to find out who the real Owner is (BRL-Bank Reference Letter), as most of the time we end up finding out that the gold belongs to either the late ex-President of Philippines Marcos, or the late former Shah of Iran, or the Royal Family of Thailand who are not allowed by law to export any gold, or the relatives of Kaddafi, or some other person or entity that are either terrorists (like Al Qaeda, etc.) or they are holding the gold illegally after stealing it from the government and they are not entitled to sell even one gram.

If we have verification from the Owner’s bank via swift that the gold exists and the Owner is a legal entity that is allowed to sell the gold, then and only then will we have a meeting with our Multi-Billion Dollar Gold Buyers and present them the swift, the FCO (Full Corporate Offer) with the Terms and Conditions, the SKR and/or PoP and the BRL, in order for the Prospect End Buyer to decide whether he wants to proceed further.
If the Buyer wants to proceed further, then we will immediately provide the Owner, again via a swift MT799 message, Proof of Funds (PoF) and a Bank Reference Letter (BRL) for the Buyer.

If the Owner finds it acceptable, then the Owner’s and Buyer’s Bank Bullion Officers with their lawyers can have a Table Top Meeting (TTM) in Dubai, UAE only, behind closed doors and only between the Bank Bullion Officers, the lawyers and optionally the Owner and the Buyer if they wish to attend the meeting since in these TTM’s it is never allowed to be attended by any kind of Intermediary or Mandate, etc.

Some of our Buyers proceed with the purchase of gold only on certain two week periods during the year, so in order to proceed and finalize the deal, everything should be ready (due diligence, agreement between Bullion Officers and/or Lawyers, etc.) ahead of time.

We are sure you know there are hundreds of fake Owners and Buyers running around wasting everyone’s time so unless we are satisfied that the gold really exists and the Owner is a reputable and legal entity, we will not consider any further steps.

If there is a real Owner with real gold and the Owner is really interested to sell, then all the above procedures are known to him and he will have no problem to ask his bank to send an authenticated swift to our bank, certifying the SKR and/or PoP and the BRL for the Owner.  If he wants to hide his name, this is understandable and his bank (which must be a top 100 global bank) can just send a swift mentioning only his account number or even part of the number, since we are only interested to find out what is real and not anything else.

Our time is as valuable as yours, so please, only serious enquiries that include a copy of the FCO, SKR/PoP and BRL would be reviewed and responded to, otherwise we would never respond.

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